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Sabal Insurance Group Offices – Fort Lauderdale 2014

ATA worked closely with the client to create a new home for Sabal Insurance Group that would provide a welcoming space for its clients and a comfortable environment for its employees. The building is located along one of the most trafficked areas in Fort Lauderdale that borders a residential area close to the city center. The scale of the building was carefully tailored to its surrounding as not to overwhelm its neighbors. Deep roof overhangs provide needed shade and give the building a strong visual presence. A ribbon of windows placed high above eye level to provide generous amount of natural light in while providing privacy to the offices. The building has won “2014 Best Low Rise Office Building in Fort Lauderdale” by the Community Appearance Board.

Dr. Thomas Dentistry Sea Ranch Lakes, FL 2014
​The client asked for a space that would convey a clean, modern, open feeling while providing proper patient-doctor privacy during the dental procedures. This has been achieved by creating individual stations separated with privacy glazing. Each station is lighted with wall mounted light fixtures that provide a soft glow.


“Frameworks”, Cambridge MA  2001
ATA renovated the exterior façade and interior spaces of this existing building. Done on a “shoe-string” budget, the building was given a new identity by the clear demarcation of the entrance to the main store “Frameworks”. A well known Cambridge, MA retail store.
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