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Antonino Treu, Architect is a multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to design excellence with competent and loyal service to each and every Client.


A group of committed professionals with a remarkable wealth of personal and professional expertise come together to work on a project basis in a team environment to create a product where the needs and expectations of our Client come first.


Antonino Treu, an Italian architect and the team leader, brings to every project a commitment of cost conscious, sophisticated and elegant design in the tradition of excellence of Italian design.


ATA achieves such excellence through careful planning, a clear understanding of the project and the active participation of the Client throughout the design and building process.

Since 1991 we have successfully designed and brought to completion a wide range of projects in architecture, architectural interiors, exhibit design, and graphic design throughout the United States and abroad. Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Antonino Treu

Antonino Treu, an award winning architect, designer and project manager, has been working in the design field since the age of 15, when he apprenticed under his father Pio, a recognized industrial designer in his homeland of Italy. In 1984 Antonino has received a Laurea in Architettura from the “Istituto Universitario Di Architettura” in Venice, Italy. After receiving, in 1986, the Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, he moved to the east coast where he worked in New Haven CT and then Cambridge MA. He now practices architecture and design in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since 1986, Antonino has designed commercial, institutional and residential buildings throughout this Country and abroad.


Antonino has worked in the exhibit design field and has developed, designed, and managed the construction and installation of more than 25 multimillion-dollar interpretive as well as interactive exhibits in various museums.


Antonino is a licensed architect Italy, in Massachusetts and Florida, holds the NCARB Certificate and is LEED AP.

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